How Can A Man Be A Judge Without Having Been Poor?

23 Jun


All public servants and government officials should do 1 year in poverty and be watchdogged therein, as they fellowship with the neighbors and live like them and among them. The should live on welfare and withstand the bureaucracy like everyone else. They should have roaches and mice and rats to deal with to better grapple poverty of spirit, and sponsor at-risk individuals, all ages, all diversity. The public servants should have all bank accounts frozen and have broken down vehicles and attend barbecues given in their less than median income location, and their children should attend the local public school and after school program, To begin, everyone remain undercover, unless it becomes a political fad, and the world blossoms again, and art flourishes and nature reclaims the earth….

MB stared down BMW in traffic and overtook him proper like on the Autobahn…

D&G glasses reflected one another as a sickly lookin bastard attempted to collect on a dirty windshield

Driver’s were rebuked by the sight of the lost sod, and shunned ‘im, like they were taught to in Economics

The men thought to themselves when will this light change, my meeting, my appointments, my students, my peers, my family, myne…as the dude scrambled to the next car, a dirty lookin van, some dogs barking and a woman with wild hair dropped change because her child was screaming to give him something!

The Bahn light the light of boredom turned green and all those in cars vanished. The poor man, disguised, was experimenting with the public, to see how well he offended by his dress and who would give and who would not, for a statistic that would rock the economists and sociologists socks off….

Tis been years since writing has come upon these aging fingers
The Master had to go to the egomanic department to find humility
always a master in the way of progress, rooting out roots of discovery, taking it all for Oligarchy
The Judge of Nature freqed out in science and experimented on how to assess it all, so all b one, thought the master….
Can’t do art, so no one else can.
Mother showed off to her children: what’s with all the clear cutting, cafos, animal extinction and what is a Seed Bank?

I used to love the mind of the bourgeois, and the artist, and the dead, and now I love to hear the begging of the poor in spirit, because they shall inherit the earth. But before that, let them live like royalty…



How Can A Man Be A Judge Without Having Been Poor?

23 Jun

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23 Jun

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